What are the benefits of connecting these rivers?

It will enable the management of those four rivers, simultaneously, from one central location and:

  1. Stores high quality water.

  2. Managing drought conditions.

  3. Protect the majority of Albertans affected by floods.

  4. Control erosion and regulate water flow.

  5. Renewable hydroelectric power can help the transition from coal plants to clean energy while providing working opportunities during these difficult economic times.

  6. Preserves fish population, shrinking glaciers, reduced snowpacks and warmer summers are already stressing many fish runs, and this trend is expected to worsen as the climate continues to warm.

The three rivers (Elbow, Sheep and Highwoodthat are known to cause dangerous floods can be connected to a central reservoir at the vicinity of Sheep River.

2018-12-07 23_21_32-Clipboard.png

(Distance is ~15 km. each way).

This would also facilitate the management of the Bow River