Water Shortage:

Note the top left text in Figure 5 below from the Report by the Expert Management Panel on River Flood Mitigation, June 2014:

"The goal: identify how the changing climate may affect how we manage our rivers"

Shortage of quality water is a FACT, therefore, the need to conserve and store up water is urgent.

Water now is considered, worldwide, as the "White Gold", and most of this water originated within the mountains range in the Province of Alberta.

For several years, World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Risk Reports have identified water as one of the three most important challenges worldwide.

 The Province of Alberta has been experiencing an ongoing drought condition

        Drought affects agriculture and tourism. Dry conditions and lack of precipitation can damage or kill crops. Drought can also hurt the recreation and tourism industry. Businesses, such as water sport rental shops, may lose money during a drought. Consumers can also be affected by droughts due to possible increases in food prices.

In the long-term, water shortages will become increasingly wide spread in North America 

 (Calgary City News Blog, 2014a).

 Some countries have awakened to this realty

       The two great Asian powers, India and China, are rushing to harness the Himalayan Rivers. Most of these have been relatively untouched by dams near their sources. They cut through some of the world’s deepest valleys and many of the proposed dams would be among the tallest in the world. They would be able to generate more than 4,000MW, as much as the Hoover dam on the Colorado River in the US.