We are a group of Albertans comprised of experienced engineers and people with extensive knowledge on water and environmental issues. We have talented and passionate individuals advocating positive solutions for our province’s future welfare.

We are also deeply concerned about our province’s state of readiness regarding potential dangerous floods, having a robust strategy for water management and preparing for water shortages.

As volunteers with no specific association or previous involvement with flood mitigation construction projects, we have been working and promoting an innovative, comprehensive solution to the challenges of dangerous floods as well as water and drought management in southern Alberta.

After studying current proposed plans and recommendations provided by consultants, we have observed a number of issues and were able to conclude the following:

1.      A dangerous flood could happen unexpectedly and more than once in the same year.

2.      There are, in fact, four rivers that cause dangerous floods in southern Alberta.

3.      The Springbank dry dam (SR1) project focuses only on the Elbow River and does not address the challenges of water shortages or the ongoing drought problem.

4.      Current proposed mitigation plans for Elbow or Bow Rivers appear to have either critical deficiencies or could be inadequate in the face of a dangerous flood.

A multi-benefit project
and a major investment opportunity
that should not be wasted!
— Dr. Gabriel, CFWMC member

What We've Achieved

  • Numerous presentations to the public

  • Presented our ideas at many flood mitigation meetings

  • Reached out to politicians

  • Convinced The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) requested Alberta Transportation to: Evaluate whether the Tri-River Joint Reservoir of Alberta is a feasible alternative means of meeting the Project’s purpose. Consider potential environmental effects of each alternative in this evaluation. See the latest news section for more details.


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